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Beverly Shear

Beverly Throatless Shear

Beverly are the original throatless shears designed and manufactured in the USA. Steel, aluminum, and stainless steel can be cut. The design of the throat allows the work piece to be turned in any direction for straight or irregular cuts. Three sizes are available for metal up thru 3/16" thick. Heavy metal is easily cut due to the rack and pinion design of the handle. Lower blades are easily adjusted to produce flat-burr free cuts. Shears can be mounted on a stand or work bench with the holes provided in the base.

image of beverly shears

14 Gauge B-1 Throatless Shear

14 Gauge mild steel capacity.

18 Gauge stainless capacity.

18" hieght less handle.

4-1/2" blade length.

18 lbs.

B1 Shear $745.00

B1 Replacement Blades $170.00

10 Gauge B-2 Throatless Shear

10 Gauge mild steel capacity.

14 Gauge stainless capacity.

15" hieght less handle.

4-3/8" blade length.

35 lbs.

B2 Shear $1,050.00

B2 Replacement Blades $180.00

7 Gauge B-3 Throatless Shear

7 Gauge mild steel capacity.

10 Gauge stainless capacity.

15" hieght less handle.

5-5/8" blade length.

58 lbs.

B3 Shear $1,495.00

B3 Repalcement Blades $225.00

Beverly Slitting Shear

Steel, aluminum, and stainless steel may cut or trimmed with the Beverly Slitting Shears. Shears are designed and manufactured in the USA for straight cuts. High carbon-high chrome blades are held in precision alignment for burr free cuts. Handle is designed with a compound linkage that reduces the effort needed for cutting. Holes are provided in the base for mounting on a work bench. Two sizes are available.

image of beverly shears

SS-2 Specifications

Aluminum-mild steel 10 ga.

Stainless steel 14 ga.

Flat bar 3/16" X 2"

Blade length 3 1/2"

Weight 11 lbs.

SS-2 Beverly Slitting Shear $495.00

SS-2 Replacement Blades $160.00

SS-3 Specifications:

Aluminum-mild steel 3/16"

Stainless steel 10 ga.

Flat bar 1/4" X 2"

Blade length 4 1/4"

Weight 25 lbs.

SS-3 Beverly Slitting Shear $529.00

SS-3 Replacement blades $150.00