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English Wheels

Table and Floor Models, Parts Kit for Floor Models

The Metal Ace English Wheels that we sale have been manufactured in the USA for many years. There are several models and sizes available to fit the needs of a home shop to the full size professional shop. The 22B bench model is basic model with the 44F Imperial Cast machine the largest. The 44F-U Weld kit plus two new models the 30F and the Covell Signature Series are also available.

MetalAce 22B English Wheel
MetalAce Bench 22B English Wheel

image of model 44F
MetalAce 44F English Wheel

image of model 30F
MetalAce 30F English Wheel

image of U weld Kit
U-Weld Kit English Wheel

image of model 30F
Covell MA30 English Wheel

image of model MA44F
English Wheel MA44F Imperial