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Nut Job

You`ve neglected your "NUTS" for too long ! It`s time for a GOOD cleaning and Polishing. The NUT JOB allows You to accomplish these dreaded tasks simply and efficiently. The Nut Job is made of a special material that makes it flexible in the jaws and still incredibly durable!

image of nutjob
Nut Job Auto#NJA-1$15.00
Nut Job R/V#NJR-2$18.00
Nut Job Auto Jaw Sock#NJJS-1$3.00
Nut Job R/V Jaw Sock#NJRS-2$3.00
Nut Job Handle Tail Sock#NJTS-3$2.00
Nut Job Spoke Sock#NJSS-4$5.00
Nut Job Spoke Sock Package#NJA-S$20.00
Nut Job Jaw Sock Tail Sock Spoke Sock#NJFK$25.00
Nut Job Shirt$15.00